wellingtongoose (wellingtongoose) wrote,

Semantics of Healthcare 4 - Meet Miss Molly Hooper

Molly is a mystery to me and has so far defied all my expectations. She is so much more than the poor girl who fancies Sherlock.

This is my attempt to understand her professional career. 

In this meta I explore:

  • Why Miss Molly Hooper cannot be a pathologist
  • If Molly is really Dr Hooper what kind of pathologist she would be and what she would actually do.
  • What else Molly could be doing in a morgue –  technician or surgeon?
  • How Molly might have faked Sherlock's death

Feedback always welcome. 

A new take on Sherlock CanonCollapse )

Other Parts in the Series:

Part 1 - Exploring Dr Watson's Army Career
Part 2 - How can an Army GP be fighting on the front lines? John's Dual Career

Part II.I - Dr Watson: scientist and psychiatrist
Part 3 - Guide to making John a Realistic Army Surgeon

Tags: character: molly hooper, meta: molly hooper

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