June 23rd, 2020


An Endangered Species - Exploring the Wizarding World

Witches/wizards are very rare when you think in terms of the world as whole. JK Rowling has stated that there are “about 3000” witches/wizards in the UK and there are around 72 million people in the UK. That means magic has a prevalence of 0.0042 in 100,000 people or 42 in 1 million.

Given that most genetic diseases have a higher prevalence than magic (cystic fibrosis: 125 in 1 million, sickle cell anaemia 139 in 1 million), we must ask the question: why is magic so rare in humans?

This is series of essays I will explore:

  • The Demographics of the Wizarding World

  • Magical Disease and Medicine

  • War and Dark Lords

  • The Genetics of Magical Inheritance

  • Hogwarts: a History

In order to discover why the wizarding world is so different from our own and why there are so few wizards/witches.

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