June 29th, 2013


Dark!John - Why Doctors Make Truly Gruesome Murderers

Anonymous asked: I have read several good fics about Dark!Sherlock as a psychopath but there seems to be a lack of Dark!John. What do you think Dark!John would be like?


Personally, I think Dark!John would be far more disturbing, scary and down right horrific than anything Dark!Sherlock could be.

Much of the fanfics out there featuring Dark!John don't explore the full extent of what he could do with his medical knowledge (and ample equipment). Shooting people pales in comparison to the really gruesome things that he can do even without access to a nice load of dangerous medical equipment.

I really shouldn't say this but medicine inadvertently teaches its disciples just as many ways to harm as it does to heal. You have to know what will kill the patient so you can make sure it doesn't happen. However how you use medical knowledge almost entirely depends on your moral compass.

Dark!John, a man without moral or ethical principles would be an incredibly dangerous person.

Doubtless he knows all the easy methods of killing someone quickly: potassium, insulin etc. I'm sure he would also know exactly how to kill someone slowly, painfully with a dramatically horrific flair.

I feel that if John really was a psychopath and a sadist he would be far more dangerous than Sherlock because of what he's learnt as a doctor.

(The rest of this may disturb readers and make you never want to see a doctor or read my blog ever again. Warning gruesome pictures under cut)

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