January 15th, 2013


The Holmes Brothers - Equal but Different

Fandom accentuated their similarities without really looking too deeply into their fundamental differences. I think Sherlock and Mycroft deserve an analysis that looks into them as individuals

  • Why at first glance Sherlock and Mycroft appear similar

  • Why they have a close relationship but one that is formed in adulthood and still developing. 

  • The fundamental differences in their choice of careers

  • Their personalities - Sherlock is not a distorted reflection of Mycroft.

  • What this can tell us about their actual childhood


(credit tenshi-inverse)

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Other Metas in the Series:

1. James Bond was a Civil Servant too...

    What Mycroft really does in his "minor government position" and just who his "masters" are 

2. Irene's Royal Flush

    Reading between the lines during Mycroft and Irene's confrontation to reveal the full extent of Irene's genius!

3. Checkmate Endgame

    What exactly happened after Sherlock cracked Irene's phone? How did Sherlock manage to save Irene?

4. The Holmes Family Fortune

    Ever wonder where Mycroft gets all his money from and where his mansion in AsiB is actually situation?

5. A Good Old Fashioned Education

    Where did Mycroft and Sherlock go to school? Why it is unlikely they were home schooled and what their school life would have been like.

Oxbridge - Camford? Sherlock's University Life

    Many fans think that Sherlock went to Cambridge - so what would his life have been like at this University and what subjects would have been studied?