January 9th, 2013


Irene Adler is not a Loser - Part 1

I really love Irene Adler in BBC Sherlock, but even more I love the complex plot of A Scandal In Belgravia. This meta is dedicated to discussing the intrigues and deceptions that are only hinted at on screen and play out behind the scenes. I aim to show everyone why Irene is not a loser but an incredibly intelligent and ambitious woman. On the way I explore:

  • Why dominatrix is not her only line of business
  • Why Irene actually phoned Jim Moriarty – and what deal they came too
  • Why Sherlock was just a pawn in a much bigger game

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Other Parts in the Series:

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  Why Molly and Sally are not just one dimensional characters but prime examples from strong, independent, professional women