November 21st, 2012


Nuclear Meltdown at the Met - Part 1

Part 1 of an analysis of the Reichenbach Fall. An introduction to policing in the UK, consulting detectives and why the fallout from TRF for the Metropolitan Police will be catastrophic.

I examine:

  • Why Sherlock is not the only consulting detective in the world (sorry fan girls)

  • Why Sherlock was never supposed to be working on crime scenes with Lestrade

  • How Lestrade has set the Met police up for a enormous scandal after the fall

Part 2 - available here

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I discuss the rest of Lestrade's team particularly Sally and Anderson in Part 2.

It would not do these characters justice to write off their hatred of as simply petty jealousy. I believe that there is a much more complex set of reasons for their unprofessional relationship with Sherlock.