September 13th, 2012


Walking Nightmares for Medical Students: Mycroft on the Examination Couch

Mycroft Holmes is sinister; it’s part of his appeal as much as the three piece suit and umbrella. His morally ambiguous actions, subtle but terrifying threats and secret power have made many people question whether Mycroft is the psychopath/sociopath in the Holmes Family.

I explore what psychopathy actually is, the different manifestations of the disease and put Mycroft through a hypothetical psychiatrist’s evaluation to see whether he would actually be diagnosed with a personality disorder.

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(If you have read part 1 – some of the psychiatric principles will be familiar to you. However I attempt to explain in more detail some of the things that I only glossed over in part 1. If you feel this is repetitive skip to Hypothetically he’s the other kind of psychopath)

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