August 30th, 2012


Semantics of Healthcare Part 2 - How we can keep BAMF!John and be Realistic.

It’s been absolutely wonderful to get so many responses to my last meta and after carefully reading the comments I have received I thought it would be best to write a second part to this meta on John Watson’s career as an army doctor.

There is no denying that John is BAMF in every sense of the word. His bravery, dedication and sharp shooting skills are astonishing and worthy of great praise. I cannot help falling in love with his awesomeness (and those oatmeal jumpers) so in this meta:

I have devised some ways in which John can realistic be a fully fledge combatant on the gritty frontlines and also sorted out some nagging questions about inconsistencies in John's backstory.

Please note this meta has been amended to account for spiderinewho pointed out to me that John does say in ASiP that he is was at one stage an army doctor.

I highly recommend everyone who is new to this to read Part 1 first because it sets the premise for everything in part 2.

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Part 1 - Exploring Dr Watson's Army Career
Part 3 - Guide to making John a Realistic Army Surgeon


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