August 29th, 2012


The Semantics of Healthcare - John wasn't fighting in Afghanistan he was busy being a GP!

As a medical student and soon to be doctor, I often watch TV programs about medicine and despair. Not because the likes of Casualty and Holby City (for those of you who don’t watch British TV these are hospital dramas) are not entertaining, but rather because they have a habit of misleading the public on what real doctors can do.

So in the spirit of annoying people with useless information –  I have produced a small guide to writing fanfiction involving John Watson’s career as a doctor so that you can Brit-pick and Medical-pick your own works if you want authenticity.


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Part 2 - How can an Army GP be fighting on the front lines? John's Dual Career


All comments, thoughts, criticisms welcome. Perhaps you know more about this than me so feel free to correct!