wellingtongoose (wellingtongoose) wrote,

Upcoming Story: Land of Hope and Glory

Land of Hope and Glory Series:

Book 1 - Land of Hope and Glory


“John stares blankly at the detonator in his hand. He knows he will never live to be eleven or twelve or thirteen. He deserves to die, but the man standing next to him doesn’t Sherlock doesn’t deserve this.”

Summary AU – The British Empire spans the globe: her greatest threat is not foreign enemies but domestic terrorists, killing in the name of freedom. Mycroft Holmes leads the grim war on terror and Sherlock is his best secret agent: cold, calculating and obsessive. He is hell-bent on destroying the rebels until one explosive day when he meets a child soldier named John
Rating  PG-13

Genre  Adventure/Action, Kidfic, Espionage

Characters  Sherlock/Irene, Sherlock&John, Mycroft/Anthea, Lestrade, Sally Donovan, Anderson, Moriarty

Length  40,000+ 16 Chapters

Publication date: Is being pushed back to 1st of February.

Character Banners:




Tags: art, character: anthea, character: irene adler, character: john watson, character: lestrade, character: mycroft holmes, character: sherlock holmes, fandom: sherlock bbc, fanfiction, series: land of hope and glory

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