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Why Sherlock is Not Sexist - A Re-evaluation Amended

As a woman, I want to explain why I do not think BBC Sherlock is “sexist” and why the writers are not “woman hating misogynists”.

This re-evaluation is a more logical, comprehensive and coherent analysis of the reasons why BBC Sherlock is not sexist. I investigate the claims that:

  • There is a lack of female characters
  • Female characters are defined by their relationships with men
  • The portrayal of women in the show is sexist

On the way I also delve into feminist movements, the strange myth of the “feminist ideal” and why we should be happy to see women like Mrs Hudson and Molly portrayed on screen. 


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Comments Welcome. Dedicated to p0rcupinegirl who pointed out the holes in my previous analysis.

Several comments to this meta have been completely unacceptable! It has resulted in one person having to delete their journal in response. This is my LJ, you are free to have your opinions but I ask you to post them in a way that is not offensive, aggressive or personally insulting to over commenters. 

If I continue to find people using aggression and intimidation I will ban you from commenting. This is my opinion, I may not be an expert on feminism or sexism but this does not invalidate my opinion. If you choose to get angry do not vent your spleen on my LJ. Do not intimidate other commenters, it debases this topic, my journal and most of all you. 

There are some very good reasons and links provided by various commenters below that discuss the opposite point of view to me .I encourage you to read all the comments after this meta and reach your own conclusions about whether BBC Sherlock is sexist. 

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